Jedi Mind Tricks

 7 februari  Stora Klubben Arrangör: Scratch

Jedi Mind Tricks (Philadelphia) uppträder på Debaser 6 feb & Pustervik 7 feb.

Om en vecka fredag 18 nov. släpper Jedi Mind Tricks frontfigur Vinnie Paz nytt album där bl.a. Method Man, M.O.P., ILL Bill och DJ Muggs medverkar.  Live på scenen på Europaturnén backas Vinnie Paz upp av Esoteric (Czarface/AOTP) och Braunski Beat bakom skivspelarna. Vi lär även få höra smakprov ifrån bägge plattorna som släpptes under pandemin live för första gången också blandat med en Rejäl dos tidlösa JMT och AOTP klassiker givetvis.

Förköp rekommenderas starkt till dessa båda konserterna som var utsålda senast det begav sig.

For nearly 25 years, Vinnie Paz has easily been one of the most recognizable and galvanizing figures in Hip Hop’s underground. His work with Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, and Heavy Metal Kings has been hailed as revolutionary and violently conscious, and his presence is unmatched. Paz’s greatest strength lies in his diversity: he is as equally at ease writing brutal, grimy raps as he is constructing poignant, insightfully personal verses and it is that ability, combined with a deep, metaphysical intellect  and the sickest deliveries, that keeps Vin at the forefront of innovation. 25 years have not been enough to mellow the Pazmanian Devil: there is still enough injustice, sickness, and social unrest in the world to fuel Vinnie.

Vinnie’s career has spanned the evolution of Hip Hop from the ‘90s through the new millennium. Together he and long-time producer and JMT collaborator Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind forged a dark path of innovative, rugged Hip Hop that celebrated the rich history of the culture’s most literal form of art and expression while still keeping an eclectic sense of forward motion. Through violent, morbid lyrics and deeply existential introspection Jedi Mind Tricks has always managed to stay one step ahead in the competitive indie rap game. 

Vinnie Paz’s latest solo album, “Tortured in the Name of God’s Unconditional Love” drops November 18, 2022 and features the lead singles “Slight Rebellion Off Madison” and “Faith Healer.”

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